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Invitation for Scientific Students' Associations Conference

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Invitation for Scientific Students' Associations Conference

Kaposvár University, Faculty of Economy organizes the Scientific Students' Associations Conference of Fall Semester 2019/2020. on 13 November. Applications are open to the students of all faculties, we are looking forward to receive the works of as many talented students as possible.

We suggest all the students to take the chance, who would like to participate int he research activities of our institutes and gain scientific experience. The best students participating in the Conference of the Faculty may take part in the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference of spring 2021. Participation is especially recommended to those wishing to apply for MSc or PhD courses or aiming to win a state scholarship. We kindly ask those, who are or were part of any research project of the Faculty of Economy or are part of the college for advanced studies to hand in their applications as well.

The winner of division „A” is going to receive prize money supported by the Szilárd Geszti Foundation.

Terms of application:

Application is open for those participating in higher-level vocational education, bachelor and masters courses with an active status (regardless of faculty, enrolment type and the language of education), who would like to introduce a work in the field of economic sciences.

Applicants may apply in two divisions:

  • Division A: complete works with own research results
  • Division B: ongoing researches, without own research results at the moment

Application and deadlines:

  • Deadline to send application form and abstract: 22. October 2019.
  • Paper submission: 04. November 2019.
  • Scientific Students' Associations Conference of the Faculty: 10:00 on 13 November 2019.

Please send your application as soon as possible, but no later than 22nd October 2019 to Péter Sántosi on tdk [DOT] gtk [AT] ke [DOT] hu via e-mail together with an abstract of 400-800 characters (with spaces), your name, specialization, the title of your work and the name of your supervisor.

The condition of participation at the Conference of the Faculty is to send the full paper within the deadline given. Works need to be sent only in digital, *.pdf format, while the we expect the abstract in Word format.
We ask the supervisors to send us the applications forms and the abstracts (22. October 2019), and the full papers (04. November 2019) to send to tdk [DOT] gtk [AT] ke [DOT] hu together with their contribution of the work to be submitted.

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